What is it? Answers 159

Friday, March 02, 2007

915a. Spirit level, patent number 449609 , can be attached to a straight edge or boring tool, used to level, plumb, or determine the angle of inclination of small objects.

915b. This level clips onto a square or ruler and is also used to measure angles.

Rotating the piece on the back moves the needle on the front:

Close-up shot

916. Bicycle spoke wrench or spoke tightener.

917. Salesman's sample of folding attic stairs.

918. Marvel can opener, these type openers were made in various sizes.

919. Springs for making a regular chair into a rocking chair, they mount onto the bottom of the front legs.

920. Measurer for loading shells, used with both powder and shot, for rifles, pistols, and muskets.

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